UV Lamp is not curing or bonding right

If a UV lamp doesn’t seem to work efficiently there are a couple of reasons:

  1. User is not using the right gel. It must be a hybrid gel such as Shellac or Gelish
  2. Blue film on tray has not been removed.

Hope this helps.


LED or UV Lamp ?


Posted by a customer:

When I started researching LED lamps, I had difficulty finding out what the differences were, and what was ultimately needed to cure my gel polishes completely and safely. The Vogue LED lamp comes with paperwork stating LED wavelength is 385-405 nm. This is key. Normal UV lamps are 320-400 nm, broad spectrum. Most LED gel polishes cure at 385 or 400, though 365 is also used. I used this lamp with Gelish Structure and OPI base/top coats, and they cured beautifully. And so QUICK!!! I also used a coat of CND Shellac Clearly Pink, because I read the lighter colors can cure under LED as well, though in general I will still cure my Shellac polishes with my UV lamp for the full 2 minutes. The LED lamp has one “off” and two “on” settings. I used the up setting which had a default timer of 30s. The lamp came on automatically with my hand going in and turned off after the 30s. Before I put my hand in with Shellac Clearly Pink, I hit the timer setting button which changed the timer to 60s with one push, 90s with two, and back to 30s with three. I cured the Shellac with 60s. There’s lots of confusion regarding LED vs UV nail lamps. LED lamps use UV light, just in a specific range, concentrating the energy just to the wavelength actively curing the product, reducing exposure time and overall wavelengths. Btw, both LED and UV lamps emit UV-A, not the harmful UV-B, light. I started doing my own gel/shellac mani’s using the Thermal Spa double hand 36W UV lamp, which is a great lamp and I will continue to use occasionally for my Shellac polishes. I plan to use this Vogue LED lamp to cure my OPI GelColor, Harmony Gelish polish and Structure, IBD Just Gel, TruGel EZ Flow polishes as well as a couple random LuckyStar and Mabel’s Gels polishes. For all my polishes I use the OPI base/top coats. Hope this helps you in your purchase of an LED lamp, saving you lots of $$$.